Rp 177.000

Contour your new face line at the hands of the greatest sculptor, Rodin

Strobing face technique that adds gleaming lights

Rp 184.000

[Whitening & wrinkle improvement cosmetics]

Offering a cream transfused with the secret beauty of vampires! This sleeping pack works its magic while you sleep.

Rp 144.000

Enzyme Peeling + Pumpkin Nutrition + Clear Skin + Moisturizing

Multi Care Sleeping Mask provides moisture, nutrients and exfoliation care while sleeping.

Rp 116.000

Rp 91.000

Hot girls' hot color!! Smooth as velvet and long-lasting high color tone mini lipstick. Jojoba oil moistens dry chapped lips.

Rp 136.000

Rp 170.000

With soft touch of this long-wear eye shadow, three-dimensional color gradation like a touch of professional artist is easily done.