Rp 156.000

Intensive Exfoliator
Gommage peeling gel exfoliates dirt and dead skin cells from deep within for smooth skin texture.

Clear and Glowing Skin
Fruit acid and papaya extracts help turn dark and dull skin into clear and glowing skin.

Rp 208.000

Deep moisture texture to give bright and hydrated glowing skin. Moisture layering system gives hydrated glowing skin look.

Rp 187.000

Natural coverage, fresh fit for silky elastin skin look. Fills skin blemishes with natural cover for originally fair looking bright silky skin.

Rp 208.000

High coverage and magnet fit covers skin blemishes for clear skin. Double layer cover gives blemishes, freckles and wrinkles clean and perfect coverage.

Rp 187.000

Gives bright and light tone up. Even coverage and bright light reflect effect for clear vital skin look.

Rp 81.000

Rp 125.000

Facial scrub to help remove old dead skin cells by melting brown sugar ingredients

Rp 82.000

Rp 125.000

Rp 326.000

Whitening cream helps to make bright and radiant skin by preventing skin from external environment that is harmful to skin

Whitening cosmetic

Rp 274.000

Whitening lotion helps to make bright and radiant skin through balancing oil and moisture level of skin

Whitening cosmetic

Rp 266.000

Lotion to help make sleek and vital skin through providing energy to loose and rough skin and caring fine wrinkles

Rp 321.000

[Whitening & UV Blocking cosmetic]

For softly and clearly bright diamond-colored skin

Rp 34.000

- Ultimate high-elastic patch to help make the face look fit, firm and defined -

Rp 126.000

Clay mask tightening loosen pores while adsorbing sebum with benefits of Black Ghassoul

Adsorb sebum + Purify pores + Remove dead skin cells + Tighten pores