Rp 93.000

Rp 87.000

Rp 68.000

Rp 97.000

Rp 62.000

Rp 107.000

Rp 146.000

A flawless BB cream that covers blemishes perfectly with no worry of darkening all day.

Rp 98.000

A oil-absorbing pact that smoothes uneven pores and captures oiliness.

Rp 76.000

A powder that flawlessly covers irregularities with super-fine plant-origin powder particles.

Rp 112.000

A pore primer that flawlessly covers uneven pores and irregularities.

Rp 84.000

A color-mix concealer in the form of a hydrating cream that covers spots completely with a single sweep.

Rp 84.000

A liquid concealer with strong coverage to cover broad blemishes clean and smooth.

Rp 73.000

A stick concealer that applies smoothly to cover skin flaws and looks natural when applied with the included brush.