Rp 154.000

63.6% Due to Super Collagen™ water (Hydrolyzed Collagen) contained, this eye cream will leave your eyes and the skin around your eyes rejuvenated and healthy.

Rp 279.000

The meticulously extracted active ingredient from Jeju orchid delivers exceptional sleekness to your thirsty skin with its outstanding antioxidant effects. The anti-aging cream formulated with the vitality of Jeju orchid to densify and smooth the thin and sensitive eye area.

Rp 225.000

Formulated with fresh berries ingredients and vitamin B3, this brightening eye serum helps improve radiance in the delicate eye area.

Rp 568.000

Total eye serum helping reduce aging of skin around the eyes

Rp 106.000

Collagen line with collagen and saussurea involucrate extract provides elasticity & nutrition for your skin. It leaves smooth and moisture skin.

Rp 159.000

This herbal medicinal anti-wrinkle eye cream contains black raspberry extract, extracted from 12 kinds of oriental medicinal herbs that have traditionally been used by women to treat rough, dry skin. It provides deep moisturization to skin in eye areas. Anti-wrinkle adenosine adds resilience to skin, keeping it healthy-looking.

Rp 522.000

Eye cream that renews and richly moisturizes sensitive eye contours for smooth eye contours with sufficient moisture

Rp 183.000

Brightening System Eye Cream has developed especially for dark & cheerless skin. It helps to improve the radiance and vitality and gives eyes bright.

Rp 93.000

This portable Stick-type Eye Serum provides moisture and cooling effects to the areas around the eyes that are dry.

Rp 225.000

This antioxidant moisture eye cream is formulated with freshly squeezed Jeju green tea and green tea seeds to deliver moisture and nourishment to your eye area.