Rp 365.000

[Whitening & Anti-wrinkle Functional Cosmetic]

[Contains Concentrated Golden Snail Essential Complex 21,000mg]

Anti-wrinkle eye cream provides a resilient barrier around eyes by reducing fine wrinkles.

Rp 603.000

Clinical tests on the improvement of moisture, elasticity, and wrinkles completed. Dermatologically tested.

5 growth force factor's total skincare

Rp 335.000

An intensive eye treatment program for the delicate, wrinkle-prone skin around the eyes. Comes in an eyelid and under eye formula with its own special applicator.

Rp 231.000

This is an eye cream that provides moisture to dry and rough skin for a smooth and bright eye area.

Rp 112.000

The ingredient of aloe vera leaf juice from California moisturizes skin around the eyes. The ingredient of adenosine reduces fine wrinkles around the eyes. The 3 kinds of refreshing cooling balls revitalize skin around the eyes by massaging tired eye area.

Rp 255.000

Nature Republic Collagen Dream contains marine-collagen derived from deep sea in Indonesia and peptide, which helps inner and outer skin retain higher level of collagen. It also contains extract of Northern Brazil Acai Berry*, which is known as an effective antioxidant. With these highly effective ingredients, the Nature Republic Collagen Dream helps to keep your skin moisture, elastic and healthy.

Rp 176.000

Experience the pure moisturizing energy of Harakeke from pristine New Zealand!
This highly concentrated eye serum is for dry and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Rp 114.000

Hyaluronic acid line boosts skin's moisture level managing healthy including hyaluronic acid with skin care effect. It leaves moisture and gives clear skin for you. Work for all types of skin.

Rp 470.000

Prestige anti-aging eye treatment helps intensively care for skin problems around eyes such as dark shadows, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity by providing nutrients and moisture from the Micron Reboot Ball. Clinically tested for improving fine wrinkles & elasticity

Rp 221.000

This moisturizing and nourishing eye cream helps skin to feel firm and moisturized as pomegranate and collagen extracts get absorbed.