Rp 229.000

The vitamin B5 emulsion enriched with natural ingredients and clinically proven panthenol helps support the skin's moisture barrier while providing long-lasting hydration and vitality to dry, sensitive, tired skin with a non-sticky feel.

Rp 209.000

Whitening emulsion restores the skin's oil and moisture balance and makes the skin look bright and radiant. It boosts a healthy and clear complexion like flower petals by comfortably wrapping the skin's surface with a soft and nourishing milky texture.

Rp 132.000

An essence-type emulsion that provides effective moisture to skin just like peach juice without oiliness

Rp 225.000

Concentrated moisture that densely fills skin

  • Lasting moisture of Mistletoe complex
  • The concentrated moisture liquid fills skin with moisture.
  • Concentrated texture containing the nourishment of toner, emulsion, and essence
Rp 124.000

Gentle on reddish sensitive skin, perfectly cleanses skin leaving it squeaky clean!

Refreshing and softening tea tree emulsion

Rp 163.000

Contains 100% pure cherry blossom extract

Vitalizing whitening lotion that evens out and brightens skin tone

Rp 294.000

The whitening emulsion makes skin look bright and radiant as it moisturizes and wraps skin.

Contains 30% goat milk extract from New Zealand

The whitening emulsion contains the raw milk of goats raised in clean ranches in New Zealand. Goat milk, whose components are similar to those of mother's milk, helps skin maintain its health. The substances and vitamins found in goat milk are similar to the components of skin, so goat milk is gentle on skin, brightening skin as well. The refreshing gel texture also makes skin look moisturized and bright as it gently wraps skin.

Rp 148.000

The vitality moisturizing care reduces fatigue and provides pink color vitality and moisturizing energy to skin

The vitality-charging moisture emulsion makes the flaky, tired skin feel smooth as it gently wraps the skin without creating a stuffy feel

Rp 274.000

Whitening lotion helps to make bright and radiant skin through balancing oil and moisture level of skin

Whitening cosmetic

Rp 266.000

Lotion to help make sleek and vital skin through providing energy to loose and rough skin and caring fine wrinkles