Rp 52.000

This is a nail treating formula that provides care for brittle nails and helps growth for visibly healthier and stronger nails.

Rp 31.000

Remove the nail polish clearly and remain fresh feeling.

Rp 42.000

Rp 48.000

Rp 20.000

A decorative lining tape for nail art. Thin and highly adhesive, this tape can be used over both regular and jelly-textured nail polish to create highly elaborate nail designs.

Rp 34.000

A glittering stone sticker with a luxurious and colorful feeling that you can feel at your fingertips.

Rp 34.000

Add glitter, elegance, and detail with easy-to-use adhesive nail stickers.

Rp 15.000

A nail art sponge for self-gradation