Rp 347.000

Double-layered water lotion that makes your skin refreshed and hydrated while leaving no greasy sensation and adding moist to skin as oil and moist balancing effect.

Rp 289.000

This skin toner + lotion + essence all-in-one essence with its phytoncide capsules restores fatigued skin and helps to create smooth skin texture.

Rp 147.000

Men's cooling shampoo that completely cleanses the impurities on the scalp and hair and the styling residues, leaving them healthy.

Rp 314.000

Cushion sun block with natural skin correction function for clear male skin.

Rp 149.000

This gentle sun cream can safely be used for infants and sensitive skin, as it is free from the 7 kinds of ingredients that can cause skin allergies, and it contains Ecocert-certified ingredient (organic sunflower sprout extract) and mineral UV filter.

Rp 235.000

An easy-to-cleanse organic certified baby bubble wash with soft and rich lather