Rp 49.000

[Strawberry Smoothie]
Strawberry Smoothie Modeling Mask instantly replenishes the moisture of dry skin and delivers brighter, smoother skin.

[Blueberry Smoothie] Blueberry Smoothie Modeling Mask provides rich nourishment and elasticity. It creates a smooth moisturizing barrier for healthier, radiant skin.

[Aloe Smoothie] Aloe Smoothie Modeling Mask improves irritations and strengthens skin's moisture barrier. It pampers stressed skin effectively to soothe skin.

Rp 97.000

Easy-to-use, peel-off type mask that removes blackheads and impurities simply by applying on your desired skin areas and peeling off.

Cooling toner that temporarily tightens your pores and cools down your nose area after using peel-off mask.

Rp 91.000

- This is a pack with a cooling effect that firms pores and absorbs effective ingredients into skin as it gradually hardens up.

- With its special peppermint extract, this pack provides smooth and firm pores, and maintains moistness with its Sodium Hyaluronate and Allantoin.

Rp 132.000

This purifying peel-off pack leaves skin clear.

Rp 118.000

2-Step nose & T-zone special pore care kit that effectively removes blackhead and whitehead.