Rp 251.000

The 10-color eye shadow palette colors your eyes with pink color resembling cherry blossoms dancing in spring

Rp 193.000

The 9-color shadow palette expresses lovely pink makeup looks with various pink moods

Rp 222.000

The 10-color eye shadow palette expresses sweet ice cream colors on the eyelids.

Rp 233.000

This is a 10 color eye shadow like a glass of juice comes in various textures for different expression of the eyes for different occasions.

Rp 135.000

4-color eye shadow palette creates colorful glittering and splendid eye looks

Rp 218.000

“Beautiful eye look with wearable color shades and natural blending”

6-color eye shadow palette for a natural color blend with moisturizing, silky and powdery texture containing trendy, yet practical color shades for different moods