Rp 124.000

A lip concealer designed to improve the color of lipstick by erasing natural lip color.

Rp 53.000

Concealer specially designed for lip area which cover lip color with natural skin tone. You can easily make gradation lips with this lip concealer.

Rp 142.000

A primer for lips that corrects skin tone of lips to express perfect color of lip makeup. Protects lip's natural color by preventing discoloration caused by lipstick.

Rp 117.000

A concealer which livens up the color of lip makeup and also smoothly blends with the lip line. The formula fits upon the lips without dryness to give an extra boost of long lasting effect.

Rp 62.000

A multi base that maximizes lasting power and color development of lip & eye makeup. Contains moisturizing ingredients to remain moisturized eyes and lips.

Rp 46.000

This lip concealer even outs the redness in lips, creating a smooth and neutral surface for long-lasting lipstick application.