Rp 144.000

Sweet cushion blusher for natural glow

Rp 97.000

Dual lip-and-cheek for lovely flush on your cheeks or naturally tinted lips!

Rp 133.000

Sweet cushion blusher for natural glow

Rp 68.000

It is a professional blusher for pure and intense color without darkening your skin.

Rp 95.000

Natural fit cheek stick makes your cheeks lovely with a sweet color

Rp 91.000

This is a moist strawberry colored cream blusher that flushes cheeks for a lovely look

Rp 82.000

This smooth and silky textured blusher adheres to skin lightly and creates a natural and girly cheeks. The sebum control powder absorbs sweat and sebum to remain vivid color all day long.

Rp 108.000

Rp 136.000

Rp 93.000

Moist and tender melting texture cream blusher provides a lovely color to your cheek.

Rp 98.000

A cushion blusher in a creamy texture that melts smoothly for hydration and a vivid color and it comes with a cushion puff to create a cute accent on the Apple Zone.

Rp 98.000

A velvety brusher with soft-tinted powder to leave your skin clear and transparent and a soft natural-hair brush for a natural appearance.