Rp 125.000

This is a 3 step mascara that thoroughly coats all dimensions of lashes, opening up your eyes with lush lash volume and extra curling.

Rp 97.000

Forget all the other existing mascara products. Different mascara for different eyelashes! Differentiated brushes for each eyelash type provide perfect doll eyelashes!

  • #1 Volume Pang
  • #2 Curling Pang
  • #3 Long Long Lash
  • #4 Brown
  • #5 Blue

Rp 97.000

Waterproof setting mascara against water and sweat~!

Rp 117.000

Powerful setting mascara lifts and volumizes for a triple size-up effect.

Rp 46.000

Creates a wide-eyed, glamourous look with loads of volume and curl.

Rp 99.000

The long ultra-slim brush curls and lengthens each eyelash.

Rp 127.000

Designed especially for thin, wispy lashes. The bell-shaped brush adds increasing volume for fuller, thicker lashes.

Rp 127.000

Make stubborn, droopy lashes a thing of the past! This dual mascara wand coats and curls for perfect lashes.

Rp 118.000

Curl-up from the root!

Curling mascara that makes your pupils look bigger by tightly curling your lashes from the root

Rp 117.000

#1 Super Proof

#2 Daily Proof

Rp 95.000

A finely dense mascara in two clear and innocent shades.

Rp 73.000

A 3-in-1 eyelash setting fixer for mascara base & top coat & fixer.

Rp 45.000