Rp 158.000

Just apply after cleansing, Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo Pen makes it easy to create natural looking eyebrow that last 3~7 days like a tattoo. It is self-tanning type which naturally tans your eyebrow without leaving any dyes on skin. Soft pen applicator helps you to draw eyebrow without irritation.

Rp 80.000

A micro slim pencil for precise eyebrow make up.

Rp 74.000

An eye primer that maintains your fresh, clean and vivid eye makeup for a long time

Rp 70.000

Rp 86.000

Rp 101.000

Brow volumizer that makes the eyebrows look fuller and defined by accentuating the texture of eyebrows.

Rp 75.000

Waterproof eyebrow pencil with soft texture!
Smooth application, natural eyebrows that last for a long time.

Rp 54.000

Draw intricate natural eyebrows with the slim 1.5mm long-lasting pencil

Rp 71.000

The soft melting gel formula expresses 10-point perfect eye makeup that’s resistant to water and oil by setting fast!