Rp 100.000

A lightweight cleansing milk that contains honey and black tea extracts to replenish lost moisture in dry skin.

Rp 262.000

[Rice bran water from the pristine Cheolwon region cleanses and clears complexion.]

A cleansing water that gently removes even the toughest makeup.

Rp 139.000

The cleansing water for skin with problems effectively removes makeup.

Rp 145.000

This cleansing water has a water-soluble cleansing ingredient that has high affinity with makeup, producing a micro-emulsion reaction to cleanly remove makeup without any stickiness.

Rp 145.000

This is a cleansing water leaves the skin unbelievably clean, clearing away the dead skin with the reactions of micro-emulsion. It won't leave your skin dry, but will leave you a healthy moisturized skin.

Rp 210.000

Simply soak a cotton pad and wipe your face to finish cleansing instantly

Rp 211.000

This cleanser contains carbonic water from Jeju Mountain Sanbang Springs, which functions as both a makeup remover and a facial cleanser and eliminates skin impuritites requiring no additional facial wash.

Rp 174.000

A serum type cleanser rich in mineral black sugar, refined rice wine, and botanicals for gentle makeup removal for a smooth nourished complexion. Apply the serum with a cotton pad and gently massage onto skin.

Rp 93.000

Mild No-Wash Cleansing Water with Boseong Green Tea

Rp 76.000

The fresh gel-type cleansing gel cream effectively removes makeup residue and impurities from your skin with its rich aloe vera extract.