Rp 157.000

Bulgarian rose meets English Black Tea

Moisturizing perfumed body milk with the subtle and elegant scent of rose tea that makes your heart pound with happiness all day.

Makes you feel excited all day long by capturing your entire body! Contains Fragrance Keeping™ that makes the fragrance last longer.

Rp 106.000

A rich body cream with quinoa extract that delivers nourishing treatment to dry, rough skin.

Rp 167.000

Butter cream provides healthy nourishment to skin as the firm butter softly penetrates into skin

Rp 167.000

Cheese cream provides firming elasticity to skin as viscous cheese penetrates into skin

Rp 167.000

Honey pack cream provides vitality to skin as honey full of moisture densely penetrates into skin

Rp 121.000

A 2-layered body oil that moistly and smoothly wraps your dry skin as if it were coated with oil while a deep grape fragrance richly spreads.

Rp 140.000

A body lotion containing nutritious grape seed oil and wine extract. It is moistly and softly absorbed by dry skin with a deep grape fragrance that spreads richly.

Rp 138.000

A body lotion containing herb lemon verbena extract with a fresh citrus scent, provides moist and cool hydration to dry skin on the body.

Rp 134.000

A body lotion that contains all the rich nutrients of Avocado Oil

* Formula without 3 additives / animal-derived ingredients, tar colorant, talc

Rp 116.000

Berry Delicious Strawberry Body Milk Lotion makes skin feel soft and moisturized like strawberry milk