Rp 43.000

Lips-talk case offers lipstick colors that perfectly match yor desired case design! Glass Tinting Lips-talk offers new enjoyment by allowing you to express your own unique style and wear a lipstick that suits your taste.

Rp 42.000

This blemish extractor removes blemish and sebum and make the skin pure and clean.

Rp 24.000

Small, sharp Beauty Scissors that are used for trimming cuticles or eyebrows.

Rp 33.000

No sebum, no trouble. The simple and effective dual-type pimple popper.

Rp 26.000

Absorb excess facial oil while leaving skin natural and beautiful.

Rp 10.000

The makeup pencil sharpener that can easily sharpen your makeup pencils.

Rp 36.000

SKIN FOOD Natural Fresh Oil Paper using natural hemp helps to smoothly adsorb and remove unnecessary excess sebum.

Rp 34.000

It controls oil, reduces sebum. Leaves a velvety-soft natural finish. The results are immediate and lasting all day.

Rp 10.000

To sharpen pencil or crayon-type makeup products.

Rp 51.000

This is a mist type puff & brush cleanser that removes dirt and gently melts away makeup residue without the use of water. Useful for maintaining a clean and hygienic puff and brush.