Rp 20.000

DAILY BEAUTY TOOLS MILD COTTON PAD is sterilized cotton pads that are made of pure cotton and contain no fluorescent materials. You can use it to apply toners, emulsions or wipe away cleansing creams, nail color, and makeup.

Rp 34.000

DAILY BEAUTY TOOLS SILKY&SOFT COTTON PAD is a premium cotton pad imparting extra softness to the skin. The inner layer made from the finest selection of 100% natural cotton fibers is covered with silky smooth cotton sheets.

Rp 55.000

It is a hygiene cotton puff made of pure cotton(100%) and leaves soft feeling without any irritations.

Rp 34.000

MISSHA Silk Feel Cotton Puff is made up double cotton sheets to keep its original shape after using and leaves soft and light touch on the skin.