Rp 27.000

Magnetic holder for the Mini Two Match, providing the perfect combination for your lips by matching your color and texture.

Rp 123.000

The brush increases the adherence of the foundation by applying it thinly and evenly on the skin.

Rp 43.000

Lips-talk case offers lipstick colors that perfectly match yor desired case design! Glass Tinting Lips-talk offers new enjoyment by allowing you to express your own unique style and wear a lipstick that suits your taste.

Rp 56.000

This Eyelash Curler creates a deep, dramatic eyelash curl.

Rp 29.000

DAILY BEAUTY TOOLS CUSHION HAIR BRUSH is a multipurpose brush for fast, effective detangling and styling.

Rp 38.000

A lip brush that helps applying lipstick or lip gloss delicately, changing the shape of lips according to your taste

Rp 24.000

A donut hair band that helps complete a rich and natural bun hairstyle for hair that sticks out or looks irregular due to lack of styling technique

Rp 105.000

A simple and easy self-eyebrow kit that helps you complete the best eyebrow makeup you’ve ever had

Rp 42.000

A soft eyelash curler that gently creates natural wavy curls

Its slim frame and soft silicone pad curl your eyelashes and complete natural curls without folding

The curvature of its frame is perfect for Asian eyes, and creates R-curls and sharper eye makeup

Rp 42.000

This blemish extractor removes blemish and sebum and make the skin pure and clean.