Rp 18.000

Real source mask with fresh essence squeezed from various ingredients to treats your skin problem.

Rp 62.000

Rp 115.000

This semi-matte lipstick features the comfort matte formula, providing long-lasting colour and a creamy matte finish in a single stroke.

Rp 49.000

Rp 244.000

This balm protects skin against external irritants while helping relieve irritated skin.

Rp 81.000

Rp 96.000

The body scrub makes rough skin smooth by removing dead skin cells and impurities with its ingredient of walnut shells and keeps skin moisturized and soft for a long time with its coconut oil ingredient.

Rp 209.000

Whitening emulsion restores the skin's oil and moisture balance and makes the skin look bright and radiant. It boosts a healthy and clear complexion like flower petals by comfortably wrapping the skin's surface with a soft and nourishing milky texture.