Rp 133.000

3-Effect & 27% water-base formula

Rp 93.000

Rp 177.000

Lip syrup that provides a high-shine wrap of 1.47o for a gorgeous finish from any angle. Light weight syrup layering effect gives a lasting brilliance while the infused oil ampoule hydrates and nourishes the lips.

Rp 115.000

Rp 50.000

A magic clear gloss that changing color on lips, gives flowery vital looking color. Vitamin E and moisture ingredients give long lasting moisture vital lips.

Rp 110.000

Rouge and clear gloss giving soft coating with shine. This lip gloss provides shine and moisture care at the same time.

Rp 54.000

Rp 39.000

Rp 110.000

This vivid gloss melts immediately upon contact with the lips, requiring just one click of the applicator.

Rp 99.000

A nourishing formula that delivers vivid lip color and a delicate, high gloss finish with a smooth, liquid touch.

Rp 80.000

A hydrating lip lacquer that combines lip tint, lipstick, and lip gloss in a single formula.

Rp 109.000

A 3 in 1 lip makeup that has vivid color like lipstick, stain like lip tint and shine like lip gloss. The color is clear and creamy which glides smoothly on lips.

Rp 86.000

Highly adhering & highly glossing lip-gloss that displays vital lips with delicate and lovely petal color.

Rp 76.000

Lip gloss with sparkling pearls and petal color in glass bead luster. It creates gorgeous lip makeup with bright colors and transparency.