Rp 62.000

Rp 115.000

This semi-matte lipstick features the comfort matte formula, providing long-lasting colour and a creamy matte finish in a single stroke.

Rp 49.000

Rp 80.000

Glass Tinting Lips-talk gives a sliding feel as it’s applied softly on the lips!

Rp 105.000

Multi-expression revitalizing lip care stick.

Rp 71.000

Glossy Tint that sparkles with elasticity and volume.

Rp 116.000

Rp 94.000

Dive into the long-wearing lip color with INK_LASTING. It's Lacquer-like finish without feeling tacky or drying.

Rp 82.000

Like juice, this water tint spreads upon lips with vivid colors. With a single touch perfectly dewy colors give an elegant look. Fruit Complex help give vitality to the lips.

Rp 105.000

A long lasting tinted lipstick with a rich and intense color. Soft touch without any heavy feeling.