How to improve 3D visual development efficiency? Sino-class integration proposes two-point incremental parallax matching scheme

[Jianguine Review] The double-point incremental parallax matching scheme of the Chinese science fusion invention realized the parallerage extraction of the two-point camera shooting the striped light image, which can be applied to the existing three-dimensional reconstruction system. Improve the work efficiency of related technical enterprises in terms of low energy.

Journal of China, Recently, Zhongke Integration Perceived Intelligent Research Institute (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sino-Science Fusion") won the second phase of Gusu Talent Fund, this round of financing fund will be mainly used The research and development optimization, flow and market expansion of the chip.

It is reported that Sino-class integration will continue to promote the "open" 3D visual ecotropic circle with 3D visual chips, and accelerate the promotion of downstream partners in the development of low-cost, easy-to-develop hardware and software module programs to open low-cost, easy-to-develop hardware and software modules for downstream companies.

In the 3D visual field, the bienetic algorithm is a very important technical algorithm, which can be used in three-dimensional visual reconstruction. At present, the algorithm is implemented based on software algorithm, that is, from the process of acquiring images to reproduce the three-dimensional model, this process includes looking for the same name of the left and right images, and obtains parallax between the left and right images and the parallax calculation point cloud. coordinate.

However, since the search process of the same name is very complicated, it is very high for related technologies and equipment requirements, and the entire implementation process also has a high power consumption and slow speed. In response to this status quo, the Chinese branch applied for the invention patent called "a method and apparatus for achieving binocular incremental parallerage matches 2020 (Application Number: 202011335546.4), Applicant Separation of Perceived Intelligence Research Institute (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co., Ltd.

According to the relevant information disclosed in this patent, let’s take a look at this technical solution.

As shown in the figure above, the overall framework of the method of achieving binocular incremental parallax matching algorithm in this patent, can be seen, first, a binocular camera is required to capture the striped light of different frequencies to obtain left and right shooting. Image, then, the acquired image is required to perform phase expansion processing and polar line correction processing, which can help the system obtain the phase continuous incremental or so two images and the corresponding phase template diagram.

Finally, the resulting phase continuously increments the left and right two figures and the corresponding phase template maps can be matched to obtain a complete parallax map. However, before matching, it is necessary to perform variance filtering of the left and right two figures and the corresponding phase template diagram, filter out messages and steep edge processing, so that the left and right two-phase phase values ??to be matched are strictly incremented.

In this process, the variance filtering algorithm determines which data can be retained and will eventually participate in the output of the high-precision parallax map, which can be said that the final high-precision disparity map actually relies very dependent on the initial variance filtering algorithm. As shown in the figure, a variance filtering principle block diagram of the method of achieving a binocular incremental parallax matching algorithm is achieved.

First, the system will compare the variance and threshold by comparing the variance and threshold to the N * N phase value of the template value corresponding to the center point, and the value of the threshold is retained by comparing the variance and the threshold. When matching processing, you also need to find the point of the phase value of the left and right two figures and the corresponding phase template, equal to the same name, the same name, the same name, and The corresponding phase template diagram is different in the row number of column numbers, and obtains a disparity diagram containing the parallax value and the parallax template value.

The template value expands by performing the unreliable parallax and chaotic point of the obtained parallax, and the template value is expanded (ie, the point of view of the disparity map template corresponds to 0 points, and the mean of N * N surrounding points, implementation The repair of the hole) and the parallax value pondered (ie: point corresponding to 0 point of the parallax template value), the surrounding N * N points have a point of one point of the template value of 1, generate a new template diagram), and Final complete high-precision parallax maps can be obtained on the parallax value after the expansion value is screened.

The above is the binocular incremental parallax matching scheme of the Chinese science fusion, which realizes the pair of pair of cameras to shoot the parallerage extraction of the arranging light image, which can be applied to the existing three-dimensional reconstruction system. Improve the work efficiency of related technical enterprises in terms of low energy.


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Parallels Desktop 17 (updated to 17.1.1) Macos Monterey Best Virtual Machine

Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac Virtual Machines has been officially released, which is optimized for Windows 11 and MacOS Monterey. With this release, the user can now install the Macos Monterey and Windows 11 previews to the virtual machine (VM) through Parallels Desktop 17.

  • What important new features in Parallels Desktop 17.1?

  • Easily install and update to Windows 11 virtual machines by automatically enable virtual platform trusted modules (VTPM)!

  • All versions of Parallels Desktop 17 (Standard Version, Pro version, and Business Version) users can run Windows 11 with the default add-on virtual platform trusted module (VTPM) to meet the minimum requirements of Windows 11. To understand the specific requirements required to run Windows 11 on an Intel-based Mac computer

  • Run the MacOS Monterey virtual machine on the Apple M1 Mac, get a better user experience!

  • Now, Parallels Desktop 17.1 Users can install Parallels Tools in the Macos Monterey virtual machine on Apple M1 Mac, and use replication and pasting integration functions between virtual machines and main MACOS. In addition, the virtual machine default disk size increases from 32 GB to 64 GB.

  • Play more Windows games!

  • In response to the user’s popular request, Parallels improves graphics for a variety of Windows games, including but not limited to: "World of Warcraft", "Imperial Times II: Decision", "Tomb Raidth 3", "Alloy Equipment 5: Magic Pain "," horse riding and slashing 2: hegemony "," Tank World "," Flower Survival ", etc.

  • Use Virgl to use 3D graphics acceleration in Linux!

  • This update provides support for Virgl in the Virtio GPU, implements off-form available Linux 3D acceleration functions on all supported Mac computers, enhances visual performance and uses the Wayland protocol in the Linux virtual machine. Even if the Parallels Tools is not installed, modern Linux virtual machines can still use Virgl 3D graphics, but Parallels recommends that users should still install Parallels Tools.

Latest version of the virtual machine download:

Is it afraid? After the SIA, the SIA was urgently changing, and the purpose was clear.

After Huawei’s Ren Zhengfu and Yu Zuodong strong, the old SIA (Old Semiconductor Industry Association) replaced the chairman of the wheel, many people were full, is SIA to take measures against Huawei?

Industry experts said that this movement of SIA is likely to mean that the old semiconductor industry will usher in huge changes, and the technical blockade encountered by Huawei is likely to usher.

Everyone maybeSIA specific identityI don’t know much about it, this is a union of the spontaneous composition of the old-American semiconductor enterprises, the main purpose is to help old semiconductor companies reach a more close cooperation, while maintaining the interests and leadership of old semiconductor industries. Many people suspect that since SIA maintains the interests of the oldest semiconductor industry, it is not the situation of Huawei to fall today.

The answer is exactly the opposite, although SIA advocates maintaining the collective interests of old-American semiconductor companies, but SIA is the master of East. Since it is a private organization, SIA is more clearly the actual relationship between the old-American semiconductor enterprises and Huawei. In fact, if there is no old beauty, the semiconductor business relationship between the two countries is not as bad.

In many years, Semiconductor companies in China have been in a state of close cooperation. Many old semiconductor companies regard China as their most important market. For example, Qualcomm has nearly 70% of the revenue obtained from the Chinese market, in which China is, Xiaomi, OPPO and other domestic mobile phone brands are the most important customers of Qualcomm.

In addition, companies such as AMD, Intel, and Bo Tong have regarded China as their most important overseas market. Once the old beauty is pressed against Huawei or the Chinese market, it will undoubtedly affect the relationship between the semiconductor enterprises and Chinese companies. This will make the benefits of the United States and enterprises. Therefore, when the old beauty started to prepare for the Huawei to carry out technical blockade, SIA expressed its objection, organized the domestic semiconductor enterprises jointly booking the Commercial Ministry of Commerce, requiring the Ministry of Commerce to revoke the blockade ban on Huawei.

But unfortunately, the Ministry of Commerce ended still did not adopt SIA suggestions, and resolutely chose to sanction Huawei and other Chinese companies. However, SIA did not give up his position. In the past year, SIA has been put pressure on the Ministry of Commerce, requiring old and relaxing for China’s technical blockade.

Some time ago, in the face of the question of the outside world, Yu Chengdong said in his voice, which triggered the discussion of netizens at home and abroad. Ren Zheng did not say that although Huawei is currently experiencing an unprecedented dilemma, Huawei has not given up, and China is currently actively laying out of the chip industry. I believe that I can take a grade in China; Yu Chengdong is more direct "2023 Huawei will return like lightning ". In the face of the speeches of Yu Guides, netizens at home and abroad divided the two positions in attitudes.

One party believes that Yu Chengdong is bragging, even if Huawei’s technical strength is high, it is impossible to break through the blocked blocked in two years; the other party believes that although Yu Chengdong likes "putting satellite", he said that the last thing seems to be achieved, so Yu Chengdong Speaking of this, explaining that Huawei is a bottom gas. butAs far as SIA’s performance, the old semiconductor enterprises should take this sentence as really.SiA ushered in a big action in short, SIA, in the shortcomings of Ren Ji Nec and Yu Chengdong.

On the one hand, SIA further pressures to the Ministry of Commerce, requiring the Ministry of Commerce to relax the technical blockade of Huawei; on the other hand, SIA has replaced the chairman, and the new chairman is from Qualcomm to CEO Among. The purpose of SIA is very clear, that is, it is necessary to ease the relationship between the old semiconductor enterprises and Huawei, because SIA believes that if Huawei really realizes technology independence, the US enterprise will lose a very important customer.

Not only that, if Huawei shares their technology to other Chinese companies, the US enterprises may lose all the Chinese markets, which is the loss that the US enterprises cannot accept. soSia wants to take a slow metal, delaying the technical research and development progress by restoring the supply.

InFor the way to relax the blocked policy, you can say that it is experienced.. After all, Qualcomm is a business that has been successful. When Huawei was due to the unintelling of the unicorn, the Qualcomm was applying to Huawei’s right to provide chips to Huawei, but Qualcomm is the most strictly strict, and has to say that.Among the negotiation method is not to be underestimated.

In general, Ren Zhengfan and Yu Chengdong speaking let the old beauty chip enterprise feel the dangerous signal. If the old beauty continues to be alone, then the ultimate American enterprise will become the largest loser in this farce because of the loss of the large Chinese market.

Today, US companies finally discovered that the actions of the old beauty were very stupid, not only would not allow them to get greater economic benefits, but will let the domestic enterprises will eventually become the sacrifices of the old beauty.

Is it afraid? After the SIA, the SIA was urgently changing, and the purpose was clear.

After Huawei, the US Semiconductor Association has been exchanged, experts: technical blockade or welcome machine

AD: The panel industry will benefit from the rapid development of electric vehicles.

Hui Web news, Chairman of Youda said that the panel industry will benefit from the rapid development of electric vehicles (EV), because the car displays used by electric vehicles are more than fuel power vehicles, and the monitors used by electric vehicles are larger, and the specifications are more High, especially smart cockpit displays.

Source: Digitimes

According to Digitimes, Peng Shuanglang pointed out that the application of consumer or standard specifications accounted for a relatively large panel manufacturer, which will be greater than that of operating environment fluctuations next year. Youda has reduced the output of such panels, more focusing on high value-added custom panels of small batch shipments, and allows companies to perform dynamic adjustment to address market changes.

It is understood that the demand for non-consumption LCD panels is sustained, including commercial, retail, public transport, infrastructure and medical / industrial applications. Global requires demand for IT panels for consumption laptops and displays now weaken.

In terms of LCD TV panels, Peng Shuangyu said that such panel prices have been falling since July 2021, but this year, the sales of TV sales this year is obviously better than expected, indicating that the world’s demand for TV rebounds.

"The demand for global LCD TVs in 2022 will be flat to 2021, but due to the large TV average size, the total display area of ??the panel will increase, and Youda has an optimistic attitude towards 2022 global LCD TV panels." Peng Shuanglang said.

Love is induced by intelligence entrepreneurial resource docking platform, science and technology empowerment assistance park industrial cluster construction

Love to expeditize the intelligent entrepreneurial resource docking platform

Science and technology empowerment, help the building industrial cluster construction

Guide: Recently, Shanghai Love Investment Data Technology Co., Ltd. was

The Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee was named Shanghai 2021 SMEs.

Since the establishment of 2014, love has always been to support 10,000 people’s entrepreneurial success. It has helped more than 5,000 companies have successfully conducted resource matching and online display, helping 2,000 companies docked with policies support for government investment.


Support 10,000 people entrepreneurship success

At the beginning of the establishment, love will always have a deep tillage to enter the SMEs, mainly provide investment financing, corporate consultation and resource docking services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Every time I repurren dream, I will find out that Mr. Xu Wenwei will say: "One time I took a class in the party school, the students were entrepreneurs, and many entrepreneurs were talking about the failure of entrepreneurship. I shed tears on the spot. At that time, I felt that entrepreneurs were the greatest people in this world. They were silently changing the world, changing thousands of families. They not only pay taxes, solve social employment, but also Under the expectations and ideals of many families. "

With such a red sincerity, Xu Wenwei founded a love.

Supporting 10,000 people’s entrepreneurial success is his wish, and it is also the beginning of love.

Government and enterprises visiting love on the park


3 years to explore 5 years development

Entrepreneurship has never been a simple matter, people who have embassy and entrepreneurship will find too many difficulties in front of themselves.

In the process of enterprise development, most industrial entrepreneurs face lack of new growth points, the development of transformation is unclear, find new technologies, development direction of new industries, and breakthroughs, increased cost, industrial transfer, lack of funds, information Not smooth, lack of capital thinking, many problems such as government policy, they don’t know where to find investment, find resources, find the factory, find talents. How should companies live, how to live better, is an anxious problem every entrepreneur.

How to help companies, Mr. Xu Wenwei started to explore from the organization of Zhenghe Island 99 + 1, that is, if an entrepreneur has difficult, the other 99 people help him overcome the difficulties.

The mutual aids who have just begun really very hot, can be said that there is money to hold money, no money, recommend capital and resources for companies, help companies sell. But the good high scene is not long, this unpaid business model, gradually consumes everyone’s enthusiasm, overridden capital and resources.

How to activate more social capital and resources, support 10,000 people’s entrepreneurial success, and love is always working in the direction of hard work.

After three years of exploration, love has gradually accumulated some experience and developed a set of entrepreneurial resource docking platforms based on Internet and large data, namely a mini-intelligence venture resource docking platform.


Mini intelligent entrepreneurial docking platform

Data and extensive integration application of intelligent technology

After years of development and precipitation, love has developed into a comprehensive service platform for a number of intelligence technologies. The company is based on the independent construction of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies and applications, precise excavation enterprises to settle demand, focus on In order to interrupted capital, plant, policies, etc.

From the perspective of industrial research and development, with the depth of the new generation of information technology and industrial park economy, new models, new models will continue to emerge, digital industries, economic transformation is accelerating, digital economy is becoming high quality, can An important engine for sustainable development. Also, love will focus on the research and development of numerous entrepreneurial resource docking platforms, and adhere to the combination of technology and services. From enterprises to enterprises, they have strong intelligent experience, dedicated to become regional A boosting agent for industrial integration.

Love is always committed to the boutique route, the service object is the government development park and entrepreneurial enterprises. Since its establishment, it has always supported 10,000 people’s entrepreneurial success, based on Shanghai, radiating the long triangle, facing the whole country,

Fully build Yangzhou "Four New" Industrial Park, China (Taizhou) Intelligent Emergency Industry Park, Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, Water New Power Industrial Park and other boutique parks.

Love to investigate the scene of the park

For a long time, love has continued to increase research investment. For the pain points and needs of the enterprise, it has created large data funnel screening system, artificial intelligence matching system, accumulated in "data investment", "capital investment", "industrial investment" Very rich experience. Through regional industrial data analysis of local parks, love can make multi-dimensional portraits of various economic development, match the project resources in the docking database.

If the millennium is the first year of China’s Internet entrepreneurship, then 2020 is the first year of intelligence entrepreneurship, a minimally established world, will be the future we face.

Multiple investment, has become a secret weapon that loves to make an intersessional investment in the park, especially during the epidemic, using the Group’s large data tool products, after the intelligent efficient screening and matching, love will make a breakthrough The new high, the number of settlements have doubled.

Up to now, love is investigated, the number of enterprises enterprises is 2.2 billion. Among them, 60 million projects have been cleaned up, and the AI ??audit filtered effective project has more than 3 million, and more than 5.3 million projects that have been artificially filtered. After the project manager, there are more than 13,000 high-quality projects that match the docking, including 2,000 companies have successfully entered a direct tube park in love, and 2020 yuan will pay more than 1.6 billion yuan.

Next, love will continue to promote the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the integrity of the minimal platform, and promote the development of the industry and upgrade the product upgrade. The downstream resource match, the O2O365 exhibition hall, all-line marketing and other full-link value-added services, continuously creates value for the integration of the industrial chain.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 official map: the new generation of Android 5G flagship pole

This morning, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 at the Snapdragon Technology Summit. This is the latest generation of mobile platforms in Qualcomm. It is also the name of the new generation of flagship, including Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, etc. The use of Snapdragon 8 Gen1, this month will have a commercial terminal to come out.

Snapdron 8 Gen1 brings more advanced 5G, AI, game, image and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, using Samsung 4nm technology, CPU part uses 1 Cortex-X2 super large nuclear, frequency 3.0GHz, 3 Cortex-A710 The large nuclear, frequency of 2.5GHz, 4 Cortex-A510 small cores, frequency 1.8GHz, all based on ARM V9 pure 64-bit instruction set built 8 core Kryo, CPU performance increased by 20%. The maximum energy consumption is reduced by 30%.

In other respects, the new generation of Adreno GPU performance increases by 30%, energy consumption by 25%, and upgraded Snapdragon Sight, bringing 18BIT three-way ISP and 8K HDR video capture.

Alix Katuzan, a senior vice president of Qualcomm Technology Co., Ltd., said: "As the world’s most advanced mobile platform, Xiaolong is a synonym of the top Android experience, a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform Will establish a new benchmark for the next generation of flagship mobile terminals and bring unprecedented connections, images, AI, games, audio and security experiences for smartphones. "

Many OEMs and brands in the world, including ZTE, millet, vivo, redmi, realme, oppo, one plus, Nubia, iQOO, glory, black shark, Sony, Sharp, and Motorola, will adopt a new generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform The commercial terminal is expected to be available at the end of 2021.

Let’s take a look at Qualcomm officially released Xiaolong 8 Gen1 HD larger image:

Is the full frame and high-pixel important? Japanese camera sales list low pixels and semi-frame rankings

On the Phile website, the five major camera stores in October 2021 were released.

Canon "EOS R6" is the only one in all 5 stores that remain in the top 5 camera models. Nikon "ZFC" is ranked first in three stores. Ranked the top 5 in 4 stores and showed a substantial trend. Canon "EOS R5" is also ranked fourth in a starch, ranked third in the sales rankings of Fuji Camera stores.

I. Sales ranking of Starch Bridge Camera Shop

1, Canon "EOS R6"

2, Sony "α7 III" (ILCE-7M3)

3, Nikon "Z FC 28mm F / 2.8 Special Edition Suite"

4, Canon "EOS R5"

5, Sony "α7c" (ILCE-7C)

Second, the sales rankings of big camera stores

1. Sony "VLOGCAM ZV-E10 Electric Zoom Lens Kit" (ZV-E10L)

2, Canon "EOS KISS M2"

3, Canon "EOS RP / RF24-105 IS STM lens kit"

4, Canon "EOS R6"

5, Nikon "Z" FC "28mm F / 2.8 Special Edition Suite"

Third, North Village camera store sales rankings

1, Nikon "Z FC 28mm F / 2.8 Special Edition Suite"

2, Canon "EOS R6"

3, Canon "EOS RP / RF24-105 IS STM LENS KIT"

4, Sony "VLogcam ZV-E10 POWER ZOOM LENS KIT" (ZV – E10L)

5, Sony "α6400 double zoom lens kit" (ILCE-6400Y)

Fourth, map camera store sales ranking

1, Nikon "Z FC"

2, Canon "EOS R6"

3, Sony "VLogcam ZV-E10"

4, Canon "EOS RP"

5, Fuji film "X-E4"

Five, Fuji House Camera Shop Sales Ranking

1, Nikon "Z FC 28mm F / 2.8 Special Edition Suite"

2, Canon "EOS R6"

3, Canon "EOS R5"

4, Fuji film "GFX 50Sii GF35-70MM lens kit"

5, Nikon "Z FC 16-50 VR SL Lens" Kit "

From the five Japanese main camera sellers in October, the Nikon Z FC ranked the top five in the five stores ranked in October, and the sales ranked first in 3 stores. According to a message, the Z FC supply has now stabilized, so it may be held in front of the ranking within a period of time. It is not not to fall from here. There are still many people like half of the frame, after all, the light, the price is there.

Canon’s sales have also maintained good, and EOS R6 / R5 / PR continues to perform well. Especially R6, in 5 stores entered the ranking of the top five sales. The only disadvantage of R6 is that the pixels are a bit low, but in addition to this other powerful, the price is also very reasonable. So, although the trend of sales than his pixels is very stable, the heat is obviously not R6 high, in fact, R5 is better than R6 in many ways, but the price is cheaper than R5 is nearly 10,000 yuan. Therefore, sales is not as good as R5. From this point of view, it is not the highest pixel is the pursuit of the market. After all, pursue high-pixel needs the strength of the pocket.

Sony seems to be good for ZV-E10 sales, but overall, it seems to be walking down the road. The Sony camera that entered into the top five has been greatly reduced. Unlike previous Sony cameras are often ranked in the first two. Therefore, it is a practical model that stabilizes the model in front. This doesn’t seem to contact with high-pixels and full frame.

Java course preface

After some experience in a child, I have always been alive like air, I don’t want to be seen by anyone, just watching this world silently. As a bystander, I don’t want to affect anyone. Nowadays, I have seen comments, some people rely on my update, to maintain the driving force they learn, which makes me feel pressure, first, this is resistance. . . (I didn’t expect to have always been touching others, now there is someone to touch me, the river is the pressure of the mountain! Haha.) But:

I have made a much more than you think.

The road I walked, far more twists and turns than you imagined.

And I am likely to waste halfway. (Touching me through the river, can’t do it, everyone will sink! Hey)

I am a person who wants honesty. Lie will make me a long time in the future, and I can’t bear to treat myself so cruelty – so the above is the truth. It is easy to say that it is easy to give up, but it is not easy to do, it is very likely to waste halfway, but I should insist for a long time.

I have never encountered some trouble, I haven’t been fun, although it is simple, but I don’t want to do it. I know which place must be a problem.

Either learn the process, or both, or both.

On the study process, the pre-study is no problem, when you knock the code, there will be a big burden together, causing a big resistance, this is one of the roots of the problem, and the previous video stopped knocking once again. slow. Therefore, after exchange of the six-level seniors, I am sure that two three video stopped to knock, this may be better, pay attention to try it tomorrow.

In the course, Shang Silicon Valley is really a place where there is a disease, the knowledge fragmentation, the teacher does not pay attention to the future of the whole game (written here, I suddenly thinking, I am the front-end course for learning, halfway to learn Shang Silicone Valley It is possible that the project information is in front of me to school. It is really, my day, this blog writes true !!!) and later summary (likebe I haven’t learned, or Look at the same class of teachers).

So I want to change the course of the madness, yes, I am actually knowing how the big god is learning – all kinds of fertilizers together, each make up!

Each training institution’s course solves a pain point for the user in phases.

Shang Silicon Valley, earliest solved the problem of online full set of free learning resources, but the dish did not eat, there is nutrition but taste.

The madness, solves the problem of learning methods, and solves the taste problem, although the knowledge point is less, but it is enough to get started.

Dynamic node Du, solve the problem of underlying principles, and the problem of learning methods learned by Q & A notes. (I only watched the SE, the database and the web, a small number of notes and videos)

Even if you don’t have the world, you will have a defect, but also Deng recharge the economy.

After a childhood experience, I learned to be silent, and I became my character and became a huge limit. Recognizing this limitations, I also spend more than 10,000 to report the course, I will enter the community, go to the community, to change the exchange, and write huge, but I am inertially, I still have the introvert, I will die, I don’t want to open the people.

So in order to solve this problem, I have added a lot of Java QQ self-study group as much as possible until I will continue to add, I know that one day will be used, I used today.

I use a one-click search to find a java routine, just watch the video of three institutions, and do an exercise question, I don’t know how he did it, but it may be a method.

So I am prepared,Rewrower video of other institutions, such as the foundation of the madness, the Web of Du.

Today, I brushed the Java introduced in the madness, got a big gain.

Motto: Even if you don’t have a small sail

No matter what kind of identity is it now, what is the position, as long as we insist on, we will always have a destination that you want.

OBJECTIVE: To understand the charm of the language of Java, never solve the beginning, to finally add fans, it is such a process.

(I guess, the madness should also, understand the charm of Java, and finally it is fans)

7 small questions:

1. Solve everyone’s common questions

2, get near Java, let everyone know what Java can do?

3, talk about how to go, how to systematically learn?

Many people have not systematically learned, and they will give up.

4, how to learn Java, very important, I think.

5, some employment prospects of Java

6, about education, our ideas

7, the last is the expectation of everyone

Talking about everyone about an hour.

I suggest you, listen carefully, it is very important to future directions.

Detailed explanation:

1. Solve everyone’s common questions

Question 1: 0 Foundation Can you learn Java?

Everyone started from the 0 basics, who will be programmed?

A blank paper, has not hindered, painted with you.

But, still give you a suggestion

What is learning for? Thinking about this problem, if there is a goal, he will not lose the direction.

So, be sure to clear this goal, I think it is very important, in this piece.

(Here I think of several people, Jinma, Hangzhou Li, Rong Ge, I want to be the same person, the problem solved by the problem, and work and exercise)

Question 2: Can I learn in English?

It’s not good, learn to learn. (Because daily use)

I will actively learn later.

Question 3: Can you understand slowly?

Of course, programming must need some logical thinking skills, but this is not the most important.

More, this sentence, more is continuously learned.

(Continuous learning, like I have previously understood, the sage reflects, the mortal is not bought, the result is the same)

Strihy, according to the teacher’s course, you don’t have any problems when you study.

Doubt 4: Do you learn Java now?

Learn Java, don’t use Wu’s land, the road of future development will be very broad, one of the mainstreams of the next decade.

Applications wide, ecological prosperity.

But beginners are easy to be intimidated by various abstraction concepts. What should I do? (Such as: object, packaging, inheritance, polymorphism)

A suggestion: Don’t pay too much attention to words, it is easy to run.

There are also some concepts to understand. I don’t know how to string, write a complete program?

There are some ideas in your mind, just how unknown code is reflected?

Q & A: Programming language, unlike people’s exchanges, more like people with animals

(My understanding is that people and animals are exchanged, what can it understand? Just use it as a language symbol command, according to its laws

So understanding a programming language, to the skilled use, there are many ways to go in this middle, no place is fast, and I will get it in one or two months.

You said that you practice every day, I estimate that at least half a year, you can fully master it.

To be skilled, you have to be at least 2, 3 years, right?

(This is just a 6-month system of training courses, and the general company recruitment must be three years of work experience, which is the level of skilled use).

Then you have to advance, you have to learn more about the underlying field, you have to step by step.

So learning Java, it didn’t say that this process is late.

More important is your mentality of Java, or if you are firm enough to this road, right?

2, get near Java, let everyone know what Java can do?


3, talk about how to go, how to systematically learn?

The front-end Web of the SE database is completed, and there is no problem with a website, but the code is a bit cumbersome.

+ SSM (9 days) Use few code to achieve software development, regular enterprises have no big problem.

+ Linux (7 days)

And WS is completely different, there will be many of his own operations, including the command line.

Because what to learn?

All of our large servers are now on Linux, and the markets of almost all server are occupied.

The base stage is almost over, the whole foundation of Java, go to some small companies, I think there is no problem.

The premise is that you need to brief the foundation, understand each chapter every point, penetrate every principle before you can.

(More write code, more practice, write more blog summary)

+ Springboot (8 days)

Our current websites are micro-service, what is micro-service?

We will divide a large website into a small point, you can do a small point, you can do many people work together, do not affect each other, this is the popular open-springboot today.

+ SpringCloud (7 days)

It is said that there may be some new technologies, SpringClond Alibaba, many solutions, and pick the key to learn.

+ Hadoop (8 days)

Get big data entry courses, talk about some things, technology development prospects, and Hadoop, and how to deal with these things.

Draw a high starting point for everyone, the starting point is over, everyone may learn more!

You need to learn these, put it in your life, wear it, don’t let go to you to learn from late, you can’t extricate.

Do some of your own things outside of learning.

This is an overview of the course, many people say online, there is no way to learn Java, according to this road, you should slowly learn. Want to go step by step, don’t jump.

4, how to learn Java, very important, I think.


Write (code) more write (notes)

More practice (exchange) more practice (thinking) more practice (skills)

More sharing (knowledge) more questions (what’s wrong) Think more (why)

Most important (persistence)

5, some employment prospects of Java

6, about education, our ideas

Education will not be infused, but ignite the flame.

Excellent teacher professor knowledge is only basic, and it is necessary to have a positive impact on the validity of the students’ human life.

The real NB teacher must be like a student who wants to live in the heart.

7, the last is the expectation of everyone

All courses are designed,

It may be a reference to the other side, refer to it, try to use yourself to feel good, teach everyone.

(This is also the reason why the madness is plagiarid by others, in fact, it is a reference)

In fact, I have no hope that everyone can have some huge transformations through this hour.

But I believe that when you have finished studying, you will thank you for learning this class.

Foundation 01: The importance of blog

Time is limited, slightly.

Is it "secret peer" with Alipay? it is true! But pay attention to →

"Friendly Tips: Enter the ‘Peer Self-examination’ in the upper right corner of Alipay, one button can check if you are with ‘close contacts, diagnosis, suspected patients with public transportation!"

Net transmission news 1 ↑

"Today, the WeChat group has a new crown confirmed ‘peers close contact self-examination program’ spread, and ask for the input WeChat payment password, there is currently a deceived …"

Net transmission news 2 ↑

Recently, information around the "Peer Secrets Self-examination" is spread in the network, but the subject is completely different:Some recommend this service, but some said it is a fraud trap.

Which saying is reliable? The reporter has conducted a certification.

According to the relevant information, the reporter entered the four words "peers self-examination" in the Alipay homepage, showing the relevant services from it from"Citizen Center".

Further click to find that this is a "diagnosis or suspected case of self-test" provided by the National Government Service Platform and the National Health Health Committee.

The reporter tried to query discovery that the service is based on big data, mainly to compare the travel data of the query and a diagnosis or suspected case.

According to the official introduction, data sources include: health, transportation, railway, civil aviation and other departments relying on the relevant data aggregated by the National Internet + Regulatory System; data ranges include: within 14 days of the current date, and diagnosed or suspected patients Train, three rows of three rows in front of the plane (a total of seven) and related personnel of the same passenger car or passenger ship.

However, the service also specifically explained: "Taking into account the limitations of the current data, there is no elimination of data and factors that have not been mastered. Please pay close attention to your physical condition. If you have relevant symptoms, please consult a professional medical institution in time, in time according to relevant requirements Report, the results of the query are for your reference only. "

Alipay also said"Peak Self-examination" is an official inquiry service, not a network scam.

The reporter also learned that the inquiry service has been online for several months and has a WeChat small program version. in other words,Users can also use this service through WeChat.The specific process is as follows:

Enter "Peers Self-Expedition" in the WeChat search box to retrieve national government service platform WeChat public accounts and corresponding service applets.

The query results can be obtained based on the page to complete the identity authentication.

The reporter also found that the national government service platform in Alipay and WeChat not only provides peers secret staff self-examination services, but also provides epidemic prevention health information code, all local epidemic risk level query, communication big data stroke card, nucleic acid and antibody detection inquiry .

Part of the services provided by "National Government Service Platform" in Alipay

Part of the services provided by WeChat applet "National Government Service Platform" ↑

What needs to be reminded is that no matter whether it is Alipay or the above query service, you don’t need to enter Alipay or WeChat input password. The industry reminds that there will be a so-called "scam reminder" on the Internet, which may be confused with a formal query platform and the suspected fraudulent fishing website.

For users, distinguish "Li Wei" and "Li Guan" are not difficult, mainly keep in mind three points:

First, be sure to pass Alipay, WeChat search bar (also pay attention to Alipay "national government platform" live number or WeChat public account "National Government Platform") directly into the "National Government Service Platform" to use related services; or pass "country Government Service Platform "Official Website Search.

Second, don’t trust the unknown query links and web pages forwarded by others, beware of counterfeiting software or phishing websites.

Third, only identity authentication is involved in the query (the purpose is to confirm that the query is the user, usually only binds once), but never involves the input payment password.

Did you write?

Remember it, forward a

I haven’t mentioned it.

More than iPhone13, the domestic flagship machine, these four most worthwhile, can be used for three or five years

If the budget is sufficient, I want to start the top flagship machine, don’t just stare at the iPhone13 series, in fact, there are many models that are more fragrant than the iPhone13, and the 4 domestic flagship machines are the most worth investing. It will not take time when you use it for three or five years, see which one you start.

I don’t know if you have a "?" successfully during the double 11, Xiaomi officially drops 1,000 yuan, plus the full reduction of the major platforms, the sale price of 4999 yuan, the minimum of 3,699 yuan can Start, this price can be closed. Xiaomi Mix4 This phone is a very competitive mobile phone in the full-screen mobile phone market or the flagship machine, which is a strong competitive mobile phone. Even if the 4999 yuan is also very valuable.

Xiaomi Mix4 adopts the latest generation of camera technology, the front is equipped with a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, support 120Hz high brush, using integrated ceramic body design, high-level feet. The machine is equipped with the Snapdragon 888+ processor, and is equipped with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1 storage combinations, 100 million pixels, and "4500mAh + 120W fast charge" battery life, screen, performance, image, and battery life. The top performance of the industry, and high-end design is not worried about it in three or five years.

This phone is also very knowledgeable, and the design of ceramic cloud windows is bright. Vivo X70 Pro + The main thing is a professional image. It is equipped with a back four-piece, but there are three cameras are the main level, and the ultra-wide-angle lens is equipped with a micro-cloud station, and the other three cameras also support OIS anti-shake, image The configuration is quite luxurious. More importantly, Vivo X70 Pro + has also been jointly with Zeiss, and the image is not good.

In other aspects, Vivo X70 Pro + is equipped with the Snapdragon 888+ processor, and it is equipped with a high-brush screen of E5, supports 2K resolution, with self-research V1 chip blessing, plus "4500mAh + 55W fast charge" battery life, It is also the "ceiling" level of the flagship market.

The independent glory also began to shock the high-end mobile phone market. It is not a bit similar to the design of glory MAGIC3 PRO and the Huawei Mate40 series. On the perspective of comprehensive performance, this mobile phone is still quite good, and Huawei’s imaging power is promoted. NS.

Glory MAGIC3 PRO is equipped with a 6.76 permanent flexible OLED type, a large curved surface design, which is enough to bring the ultimate visual experience, but this design is "people who love love, people who don’t love very resist ". This screen supports 1.07 billion colors, with HDR10 + certification, and supports 120 Hz dynamic refresh rates. In terms of imaging, the machine adopts the back five-time ring module design, each lens is very strong, coupled with the new self-developed glory image engine blessing, image optimization is more fluent.

If you are interested in small screen phones, Meizu 18S understands. This phone also equipged the Snapdragon 888+ processor, equipped with a 6.2-inch 2K surface screen, "4000mAh + 36W flash" battery life, is also complete enough. Meizu 18S uses 64 million pixels to set up three-piece design, support optical anti-shake. The biggest highlight of this phone is actually above its system, Meizu 18S is equipped with a Flyme 9.2 system, which can better protect users’ privacy, but can realize the "three no" experience.

In summary, in fact, the domestic flagship machine has grown up, while ensuring powerful performance, the price is more advantageous. And in terms of innovation and comprehensive performance, Apple is not as good. See which one you started, every time you use it for three or five years, it may be used in three or five years. The appearance of the iPhone is still not surprised, but the design of the domestic machine is still very fluent, you think Woolen cloth?